Kim Madden

Kim moved to the mid north coast to write a best selling book and instead discovered the joys of  drawing and painting, starting off plein air sketching and then discovering  watercolour.

Her art displays a love of colour, line and pattern and she likes her work to tell a story. Initially concentrating solely on watercolour, Kim is now combining this with the drawing media such as charcoal, pastel, graphite and ink and is developing a more interpretative style of painting. She has also recently begun to paint in oils.

An enthusiastic traveller both in Australia and overseas Kim’s paintings often reflect this. Buildings, urban scenes, figures and still life are her favourite subjects but following on from several recent road trips across Australia, she has started to include landscapes in her oeuvre, particularly using mixed media.

Painting and drawing are her passion and delight and she finds there is no end to learning and inspiration provided the hard work is put in to continue to develop and move forward. But what a rewarding journey!

Kim recently held an exhibition at Longpoint Point Winery with fellow artist and friend Jill Cairns and another with eleven  artists living in Bonny Hills at the Wauchope Bonny Hills Surf Club on Rainbow Beach.


Contact  0265863185