Jan Farrell

"Watercolour had tantalized me for years.  It's magical effects, seemingly effortless and pure, it's sparkling light and transparency seduced me and I have been hooked ever since.  It remains a constant challenge for me and one I'm happy to pursue until my very last breath..."                                                                                                           Born in Sydney with early memories of drawing and writing comic strip stories about mermaids, Jan’s dreams of pursuing an artistic career never eventuated until her children left the nest. An “autumn bloomer”, Jan became a successful full-time artist/potter for fifteen years until she returned to her earlier love of painting and drawing. Watercolour had tantalized her for years and she pursued this medium for the next five years learning through teaching.  At present Jan is enjoying experimenting with watercolour and collage and mixed media, attending workshops and courses whenever possible to enhance this “creative joyride”.