Des Farr

My interest in art started in my early school days when I would spend hours sketching
subjects from magazines and art books borrowed from the local library. My interest
eventually moved from pencil sketches to painting with oils. Landscapes were were my
main interest for a number of years, with an occasional still life or portrait.
I became involved in various art groups, exhibitions and workshops in the 70’s and 80’s
and an arts course at Orange TAFE. during that period.
My involvement in art continued into the early 90’s but then work and family
commitments limited the opportunities for art and the number of paintings dwindled to
one or two a year.
Retirement gave me the time and opportunity to get more involved with art again.
My focus in later years has been to produce works in both water colour and acrylic,
with subjects that range from still life and ballet to rugged bush scenes.
Having moved recently from the country to the coast will no doubt present new and
interesting scenes and painting challenges. I look forward to this experience and will
always aim to capture beauty and light as well as create interest regardless of the

Des Farr
Mobile 0447014220.